Team Check-In

Waiver Form

Medical Release Form

Guest Player Form

Team Check-In: Managers and/or Coaches Only

The team manager, coach or other authorized representative should bring the required materials listed below to the check-in area. The entire team is not required to be present.

When: Friday evening (6PM to 9PM) or Saturday morning (one hour before your first scheduled game) the weekend of the tournament.

Where: Concessions Building or White HQ Tent, Springhill Complex.

Required Forms:

  • Official Approved state Roster - We keep a copy  
  • Medical Release Form for each player - We check, you keep  
  • Validated Player Pass for each player - LAMINATED  
  • Validated Coaches Pass...maximum of 3 coaches - We check, you keep 
  • Tournament Waiver of Liability Form - We keep
    (signed by parent or guardian of each player)  
  • Permission to Travel Form (non-US Youth Region II or Club teams) - We keep 
  • Guest Player Form (as required, one form for all players) - We Keep 

Please Note: 

  • You may use your own team medical release form or download the one provided.
  • Medical release forms do NOT need to be notarized.
  • You MUST use the provided Waiver of Liability form.
  • Players over the age of 18 may sign their own forms.
  • All player passes (including guest players) must be laminated
  • Out of state US Youth teams from within US Youth Region II do NOT require a Permission to Travel form unless your state organization requires one. US Club teams do not require a Permission to Travel form.
  • 19U players are welcome and shall be included on a state 18U-19U roster or Guest Player form.

Please do not bring the entire team to the check-in.